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Memorial Video with Full Military Honors

I love my job so much because of the variety of the projects we produce.  I just never know what I will be working on next.  In May of this year, I received a call from Brian Cavoretto telling me that his Grandpa passed away.  He spoke so proudly of him and how he served our country through 3 wars and how he was present at the attack on Pearl Harbor.  He wanted to honor his Grandpa by having us film his service, create something special in his memory… something that would tell his story and honor him in the way he deserved.  This would be our first service for a war hero and I wanted to make sure that it would be the best it could be.  I had never filmed a service with Full Military Honors, so off I went to research everything I needed to know about these services.  I must say I found myself choked up watching different services online and reading about this privilege that is given to those who serve our country.  I was ready and excited to get going on this project.

The service took place two days later at Georgia National Cemetery in Canton, Georgia.  If you’ve never visited this hallowed place, I would highly recommend you going.  I left there with a renewed feeling of pride for our country and those who defend our freedom.  Glenn’s service was very moving.  It included a bagpiper playing as the family arrived, a uniformed team of service members to carry his casket, a bugler to play “Taps”, a firing party and an escort platoon to march him to his final resting place.  Brian wrote the most beautiful tribute that he read for his Grandpa’s service. I knew right away that this would be the “heart” of his video that everything else would be built around.

If you have never seen one of these services before, watch this video.  I have a feeling you will be moved as I was.  What an honor it was to be chosen to produce this video.  Thank you Glenn G. Dameron for your sacrifice and dedicated service to our beloved country and for defending our freedom.